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Scrap Metal Trading

Scrap Metal Trading

Colonial Metals Co. operates a scrap metal trading division where quality grades of brass, bronze and copper scrap are for sale. Whether you need a ton or a trailer load, our segregated brass, bronze, cupro-nickel and copper scrap metal packages are processed and packaged to exact customer specifications for foundries, brass mills, copper mills and specialty consumers.

Our experienced 24/7 technical support, rapid ontime delivery and export to anywhere in the world has given us the reputation as a reliable supplier of scrap metal packages. Customers can rely on Colonial Metals' marketing expertise to arrange for your brokering needs as well.

Scrap Metals For Sale:

• Brass
• Bronze
• Cupro-nickel
• Copper

Scrap Metal prices fluctuate on a daily basis with the world’s stock market. As a result we carefully monitor these markets to ensure our customers receive the highest possible value for their metals.

For current prices or more information about our scrap metal trading process call 717.684.2311 or contact us today!