Colonial Metals Co. - Brass and Bronze Ingots

We are capable of analyzing our customer's process and recommending procedural change to lower scrap, re-work and cost. We are active in the AFS and ASTM committees, which keeps our technical knowledge of alloys and processes up-to-date.

Quality Control Laboratory

Our laboratory has been designed to meet the requirements of a fast paced production environment. Quality is an important part of our process and our facility is endowed with up to date equipment and techniques specifically developed to ensure a high level of quality for analysis.

The driving force of this GLP regulated facility consists of trained, proficient professionals covering three shifts and ensuring the generation of accurate and reliable test data in accordance with ASTM protocols and standards.

Colonial Metals Co. is a participating laboratory in the "Inter-Laboratory Analysis Program" (ILAP) for "Analytical Reference Materials International" (ARMI) and a participating laboratory in the development of certified reference materials for MBH Analytical Ltd. Our library includes over 250 commercially certified reference materials.

Analytical Instruments

OES Bruker Q8 Magellan Optical Emission Spectrometer: is the instrument used for most of our analysis, using programs for Cu-base, Zn-base, Al-base and Ni-base alloys.

Spectro Lab S Optical Emission Spectrometer: our back-up optical emission spectrometer.

Teledyne Leeman Prodigy ICP - OES: a spectrometer that uses a very high temperature excitation source that vaporizes, excites and ionizes atoms. Over time we have developed a great number of quantitative wet chemistry applications to analyze or check the elements in different alloys for major, minor and trace concentrations. ICP is also used as a referee method for verification of other analyses techniques.

Rigaku ZSX 100e XRF spectrometer: uses non-destructive and reliable methods for qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative analysis.

"Classical" Analytical Techniques

Volumetric Titrations: for the determination of Copper (sodium thiosulfate method).

Gravimetric Determinations: eletrogravimetric platings for the determination of Copper and Lead, gravimetric determinations of Nickel (dimethlygloxamine method).

Physical Testing

Milltronics ML 15: for machining test specimens in preparation for tensile testing.

Tinius Olsen Super "L": for tensile testing.

Stereo Microscope SX45: for inspection of production material, test specimens and customer casting material.

Electrical Conductivity

GE Inspection Technologies Auto Sigma 3000: for testing electrical conductivity of metals.

Our Technical Director is reachable by phone 684-2311 or email at: If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, our Technical Director will travel to the customer's facility.