Colonial Metals Co. - Brass and Bronze Ingots
Bronze Services, Brass Services

At Colonial Metals Company we are constantly adding to the number of alloys we are able to offer our customers. Our quality products, dependable technical help, reliable delivery, and competitive pricing allow us to be a world-class provider of brass, bronze and scrap metal services.

  • Each order is processed and packaged to exact customer specifications
  • Full in-house computerization for responding to inquiries about scheduling or delivery
  • Experienced technical support staff available 24/7
  • Rapid, on-time delivery

Brass and Bronze Services

Manufacturing and Sales

  • Manufacture and sale of high quality brass and bronze ingots
  • Custom manufacture (e.g.: chrome copper, copper manganese hardeners, copper iron hardeners and nickel base alloys)

Scrap Metal Services

Scrap Trading

Our Trading Department specializes in providing foundries, mills and smelters with quality brass, bronze, cupro-nickel and copper scrap packages. All material is sorted, checked and sized to meet your individual requirements. Considerable savings are available.

Scrap Purchasing

Colonial Metals Co, purchases all grades of copper, brasses, bronzes, cupronickels and monels. In addition we buy lead, zinc, die cast, nickel, coppery tin babbits and other tin based alloys. All types of products are considered: solids, turnings, grindings, skimmings, drosses and fines, low grades such as slag and copper should also be discusses for purchase.


We've equipped our quality control laboratory with an atomic absorption, an X-ray spectrometer and an optical emission spectrometer. Professional staffing includes a chief chemist with several patents, a quality control manager, a safety director, an environmental chemist and lab technicians for every shift.