Colonial Metals Co. - Brass and Bronze Ingots

MichaelM annDavid Serls, CEO of Colonial Metals Company's Board of Directors has announced that Michael Mann, after a total of 45 years of service and for the last 12 years as Colonial's President, will officially step down in early June 2015. He will stay on as an advisor and a member of Colonial's Board of Directors.

Mr. Serls has named Craig Friedman as his successor. Craig Friedman has been with Colonial since 1989 and has served for the last 12 years in the capacity as Executive Vice President. Craig has participated in all phases of Colonial's growth and is already serving as President and COO as of early March, 2015. Mr. Friedman will also remain as a Director of Colonial's Board and direct all phases of sales, purchasing and manufacturing. In his capacity as Executive Vice President, Mr. Friedman's influence has brought the Company to be one of the top 5 brass and bronze ingot makers in the country.

Mr. Serls congratulates Craig on his well deserved appointment as Colonial's President. Craig's abilities and talents have earned him the respect of Colonial's customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees alike.