Colonial Metals Co. - Brass and Bronze Ingots

When Colonial Metals first opened their doors in February 1946, they couldn’t visualize that in a short span of time the company would grow into one of the nation’s largest producers of copper base alloy ingots.

This phenomenal growth in an era of uncertainty for the secondary smelting and refining industry was by no means mere chance. To serve foundries with quality products produced efficiently and realistically priced, Colonial Metals invested in the most advanced chemical and metallurgical laboratory equipment, the finest grading and processing machinery available, various sized rotary furnaces and first class technical skill.

Today, Colonial Metals recycles close to 90 million pounds of scrap annually. Attention to industry needs and excellent service has helped Colonial Metals become a success.

Colonial’s office building completed in 1967, houses an efficient office staff and the newest office equipment... Reliable communication systems are an important part of this equipment, assuring prompt execution of all customer orders and immediate contact with critical suppliers.