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Brass and Bronze Ingot Manufacturer

American-based Colonial Metals Company is a world-class leader in the manufacture and sale of high-quality brass ingots, bronze ingots and copper ingots, producing and supplying more than 60 million pounds of brass and bronze ingots annually.

Colonial Metals scrap metal purchasing service purchases and recycles close to 90 million pounds of metal scrap and non-ferrous scrap each year from which ingots and other high-grade casting alloys are produced. Colonial Metals also specializes in custom manufacturing (i.e. chrome copper and nickel base alloys) and scrap metal trading packages to meet a wide range of customers' needs.

Colonial Metals' first-class technical skills and equipment enables them to provide quality brass and bronze alloys and other products at a competitive price while continually expanding the number of high-quality alloys they can offer their customers.

217 Linden St. Columbia, PA

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